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Fatal Inertia EX becomes PSN download next month


Koei's upcoming futuristic racer, Fatal Inertia EX, is coming out next month. But don't look at retail store shelves. It'll be distributed exclusively via the PSN at the end of May. The downloadable title will cost $29.99, according to MTV Multiplayer.

"After the launch of the Xbox 360 version, we had a unique situation that allowed us to reflect on what could be done with the PlayStation 3 version," said lead producer Mike Bond in an e-mail interview with Multiplayer. "But having watched the growth of the PlayStation Network's user base and the game's multiplayer component, we felt the strength of this game would be in its online community."

Although originally planned as a PS3 launch title, development of this Unreal Engine 3 title took longer than expected. Although the original Xbox 360 version was a critical disaster, the team says it's learned from its experiences. However, will it be able to get the attention of racing fans that are waiting for the also-downloadable WipEout HD?

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