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Microsoft drops price of Xbox 360 in Asia

Ross Miller

Microsoft has dropped the price of its Xbox 360 in four Asian markets: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan (via Bloomberg). According to Microsoft executive Jeff Bell, price reductions in Europe caused sales of the hardware there to almost double.

Here are the price drops reported by region:
  • Hong Kong: An 11 percent drop
  • Singapore: A 20 percent drop to S$499 (US $366)
  • South Korea: A 5.1 percent to 369,000 won (US $369)
  • Taiwan: A 17 percent drop to NT$10,360 (US $340)
According to a Microsoft spokesperson in Taipei, the Hong Kong and Taiwan price drops will come today. The Singapore and South Korea price drop confirmations came from separate emails with no confirmation as to the effective date.

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