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Onkyo shows off build-as-you-go BASE-V20HD HTIB in Japan

Steven Kim

Seriously, Onkyo's recent flurry of HT-related releases should be able to satisfy most anyone's requirements. But greedy gadget-hounds that we are, we'd like to see the BASE-V20HD system announced for Japan arrive here in the US. It's a HTIB starter system with an upgrade path already planned out. Start yourself out with the core of the system: your entry fee of ¥92,400 ($880) nets a compact 5-channel, 30-Watt receiver with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA support, DTS Surround Sensation and Audyssey DynamicEQ; a 60-Watt sub unit; and two small bookshelf speakers. Then, when you get the yen (ahem) for true surround, add in a D-108C center channel (¥12,600 / $120) and two additional D-108M speakers (¥9,450 / $90) for rear channel duty. Sounds interesting to us, but we'll just have to keep hoping Onkyo brings this setup stateside.

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