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Sony's 5.1 RHT-S10 speaker gets detailed

Darren Murph

Surely you remember Sony's all-in-one media stand (optional) / surround sound system combo from CES, right? If not, Sony's giving you a reason to recall, as it's just unveiled a full list of specifications and a swank new picture of its RHT-S10. The unit boasts 350-watts of total power (50-watts x 5 + 100-watts x 1), a subwoofer pre-out, HDMI control, a digital media port, FM tuner, coaxial digital audio input, a trio of optical audio inputs, two composite audio inputs and a power save mode. You'll also notice a digital amplifier capable of understanding Dolby Digital and DTS along with News, Standard, Cinema, Sports, Music and Personal Audio sound modes. Sadly, pricing / availability remain a mystery.

[Thanks, Lawrence]

Update: Sony pinged us to say that it will be out in May for $800, and a wall mount kit will be bundled in.

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