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    TurpsterVision: Return of the King

    Mark Turpin

    Howdy folks, it's great to be home. Sorry for my prolonged absence. I would love to tell you why I wasn't able to produce the internet's favorite 'funny' over the past 3 weeks, but unfortunately if I told you I would have to kill you -- and I am far too busy "killin' mofo's" in GTA 4 to have time to kill you all as well!

    So down to business, review time, and let me just state that I don't like giving bad reviews -- not because they can upset fans or developers, but because it means I've had a bad time reviewing the game in the first place. EverQuest was the granddaddy of them all before World of Warcraft came along. EverQuest II had a lot to live up to, and for this mild-mannered video blogger, it just couldn't quite manage it. WoW was released shortly after and this probably stopped EQ2 ever becoming fun for me; I like having people to play with.

    Check out the video, make your own mind up about the game, you are all far more intelligent than me, so I will trust your opinions and past experiences over my ever so limited (but ever so painful) trial of the game.

    As always thanks to the fans for tuning in, all two of you! I hope to return again next week and every week for the foreseeable future. For now, let me know what you think about EQ2 in the comments below, I want to know if Massively digs the fae.

    Every Tuesday think "T" for Turpster -- or TV for TurpsterVision -- the best Internet video podcast on Massively! (Nevermind that business about it being the only video podcast on Massively...) When not serving up the funny on Massively, Turpster can be found over at WCRadio, as both international playboy and one of the co-hosts of the WoW Insider Show.

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