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Warhammer Online preview covers all the basics

Kyle Horner

Up until now, you might have had a shaky understanding of all the basics in EA Mythic's upcoming Warhammer Online. If that's the case, then there's a recent article where you can read up on what we like to call the, "WAR Essentials" as it's pretty much covering the basics.

Unfortunately, if you've been following news on WAR then there isn't anything here that you didn't already know. It's nice as a refresher on all of EA Mythic's basic talking points, though. In fact the article itself sort of reads like that: a prolonged "back-of-the-box" set of bullet points. It just seems a little dry for a preview about a videogame like Warhammer Online, where there are some crazy things to talk about like squigs or little (and big) green monsters from space.

It wouldn't have hurt to try and spice things up a little, is all we're saying.

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