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Ghostbusters dev: 360 holding back PS3 version


In a recent interview with, Mark Randel, president of Ghostbusters developer Terminal Reality, laid down some new fodder for flamewars everywhere by multplatform development is keeping the team from doing everything they could with the game. Specifically, Randel said that the PS3's seven processors allow for much more than the 360's three. For example, Randel says that the PS3 could handle "double the amount of objects on screen." Thanks to the team's goal of making the game equal on both platforms, that won't be happening. He gives a further example that the PS3 version of the game has an entire processor dedicated to the game's audio, whereas the 360 version only has a portion of a single processor dedicated to audio. He concludes his remarks by noting "If we're doing a PS3 only game however, we could be doing a lot more. We could be pushing a lot more on the screen."

It's worth noting that Ghostbusters is a Sony property. Feel free to consider that in your conspiracy theories. We'll just be hiding behind this flame-proof barrier if you need us.

[Via Joystiq]

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