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Migrating your flock to a new MMO

Eric Vice

When the temperature starts to drop and the food supply starts to dwindle, it's a common sight to see flocks of Canada Geese airborne and flying en masse to a warmer more hospitable climate. The analogy holds for online gaming as well. When you've run the same content over and over again and the once-lush graphical terrain of your virtual world starts to lose its luster, it can be an indicator that it's time for you and your flock to spread your wings and look for a new online world to call your own. After all, once you've assembled all the elements of a finely-honed grinding machine in the form of your circle of online friends, why re-invent the wheel? It's often best for you to all uproot at the same time and move together.

Our friend Relmstein has written an excellent article on the subject of how to migrate your circle of friends from one MMO to another. As the author points out, there are a number of MMO titles coming along soon that are going to cause shifts in server population throughout the MMO galaxy. Instead of starting over from scratch why not take your friends with you? Check out Relmstein's article and learn some of the secrets of how to make a successful MMO transition.

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