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Pioneer releases Elite HTIB, HTS-LX70

Steven Kim

Most all HTIB systems are a play on the same theme: bundle speakers, a receiver and optionally a disc spinner together and put a bow on top. Pioneer has put a spin on things with its HTS-LX70 (seen earlier at CEDIA), though. Taking a cue from desktop speaker systems, the HTS-LX70 packs the requisite audio amp, decoders (including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA) and 3 HDMI inputs into the subwoofer unit. The four multi-directional speakers get billing as Dodec technology, and are treated to automated MCACC tweaking. System info is spelled out on a separate display, and all control of the knob- and button-free rig is handled by remote; so keep a fresh set of batteries handy. Streamlining is the name of the game here; missing from the package contents are a center channel speaker (we assume handled by Front Stage Surround tech) and the Blu-ray player that snuck into the photo shoot. It's in the Elite lineup, so the $1800 price isn't shocking; what will be interesting is how many Elite buyers are interested in HTIB elegance over separates performance.

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