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Verizon's BlackBerry Curve launches on May 9, too

Chris Ziegler

Turns out the Glyde's gonna have to share the spotlight a bit when it launches early next month. The Curve 8330 has been confirmed by our sources for a May 9 release through Verizon's B2B, web, and telesales channels, followed by a May 12 launch in "all channels" (which we assume means you'll be able to walk into any old store and grab one). It'll go for $319.99 before $50 rebate on a two-year contract, ranging all the way up to $439.99 if you have no interest in signing your name on the dotted line. 'Course, Sprint told us point-blank that it'd be launching the Curve in April and that didn't exactly pan out, so we recommend exercising some restraint here until your jaded heart actually spies it on Verizon's site -- or better yet, on a store shelf.

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