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WoW Moviewatch: Tunasushi

Moo Money

(It has been called to my attention that there may possibly be subliminal images of questionable content that are peppered throughout this video. Due to the fact that they're not more than a few frames at a time, they're barely visible unless you pause and look for them or download the video and go frame by frame. However, if this offends you, I strongly advise not to watch.)

In Olibith's world, oversharing is a three course meal, with Tunasushi as the main dish. He serves it up with sides of romance, revenge, and silly interpretations of the Japanese language. When assembled, it makes for an interesting, if a bit perplexing, dining experience.

Artistically, Olibith's latest machinima is beautiful. He employs vibrant colors, custom sets, and even manages to tone down on words that would make your mother blush. I only wish he'd developed the plot a bit more, as it ends too suddenly. Could there be a sequel in the works?

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