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Age of Conan beta guide: An early game audio/video tour

Michael Zenke

You've seen our views on Age of Conan as a whole, and gained a few insights on your first steps into Hyborea via our tutorial. If you're itching to get into the game but still can't, we have something that might help you out. We've got a walking tour of the early game, entirely in video and screenshots. Below you can check out our gallery of high resolution screenshots, All the way from your character's washing up on shore through to the very end of the tutorial area.

Below the cut, we have a series of videos showing footage from early in your game experience. Join us as we walk through the first moments of a new character's life, and make sure to check back for all of our Beta guide content!

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It's the start of your career, and you're still figuring out what combat is like. Why not go all the way in and see what Age of Conan's unique combat looks like from up close?

After making your way through the jungle, killing off some pict raiders, you come face to face with your old slavemaster. He's greasy and unpleasant: only one thing to do.

After the slaver has passed on suddenly (with some help) you'll need to take on the pict villagers barring the way to your next goal. Taking out the chief makes the whole thing easier.

This ancient ruin holds the key you need. Unfortunately that ruin is less empty than it first appears.

Just like Futurama, it's time for some Ape fights. One of your final challenges before you enter Tortage is to take out the Ape King.

Conan's man in Tortage is on the run, hunted almost to death on an island. Luckily you're there to bail him out.

Our final video is one of the amazing-looking cinematics, setting the scene for the last questline in the tutorial.

What happens to the captain? The little boy? You'll have to play to find out!
Can't wait to get into Hyborea? Massively has your early ticket. Check out all of our Age of Conan Beta guides starting on May 1st and continuing throughout the month!

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