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AT&T activates 2HD / 2SD U-verse service in St. Louis, more cities to come?

Darren Murph

Stop the presses: AT&T has just yanked a huge hurdle out of U-verse's way, and if St. Louis' luck is passed on throughout the country, its fiber-based HD service just got a whole lot more attractive. To be honest, many have scoffed at AT&T's U-verse service due to the inability to watch one high-def channel while recording another (even though you could record an SD channel while watching an HD telecast), but now a swarm of St. Louis, Missouri based customers are joining in celebration as 2HD / 2SD service has been activated. In short, this enables four total streams to be accessed at once, but unlike the previous 1HD / 3SD setup, users can now get their fingers on dual high-definition broadcasts. Unfortunately, we've heard nothing official about this rolling out elsewhere, but we can't imagine AT&T only letting STL have all the fun here.

[Thanks, Andrew]

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