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Breakfast Topic: Emote humor


I have mentioned before that I am a sucker for practical jokes. I fall for emote humor all the time. In EQ, I fell for the pickpocket joke. And the BG joke that is definitely a little mean has gotten me as well. So I am always happy to hear that I am not the only sucker around and tonight much of my guild fell for a little ninja loot humor.

Narayan is a Boomkin. So there is no way he should be looting the Seventh Ring of the Tirisfalen. Even if he were a Feral Druid, he still wouldn't need all of that shield stuff. But for a minute, most of the people in Tempest Keep seemed to forget that loot text is green and not orange. To say that the tank was a little miffed would be an understatement. But my guildies have a great sense of humor, so there will be no ensuing drama reported in Guildwatch.

Have you fallen for an emote practical joke? Or are you the emote joke perpetrator? What is your favorite /e humor?

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