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Clover staff credits cut from Okami Wii, original director 'shocked'


Posting on the official blog of his new studio Platinum Games, Okami director Hideki Kamiya, who developed the original PlayStation 2 version with the now defunct Clover Studio, addresses (in English) Capcom's "incredibly disappointing" decision to cut the original credits. Capcom says the cut was made because the original staff roll, which is a pre-rendered movie, contains the Clover logo (at the very, very end), and since Clover was not involved with the Wii port directly, Capcom had "no right" to leave the old logo. Capcom claims it couldn't remove the logo (at the very, very end) because it didn't have the source file. What, couldn't pick up a phone or fire off a few emails?

Kamiya explains that it's not simply the removal of his name and the staff names from the credits that upsets him. "Of course, we all have pride in our work; we all want to stand up and say 'I made this!' Yet more importantly, I find it extremely regrettable that the omoi that went into the staff roll is gone from the game as well." (A translator's note explains "omoi" is "best defined as a combination of thoughts, emotions, and messages.") Kamiya stresses the importance of this post-game omoi, specifically describing the relevance of Okami's original credits in relation to the epic length of the game. "It was a special staff roll for a special moment," writes Kamiya. "And now it is gone."

Jeez, after the watermark debacle, Wii's Okami seemed transformed into a "comedy of errors." Now it's just a true tragedy, huh?

[Via Kotaku]

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