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Favre: Some young players better at Madden than the real thing

Recently announced Madden NFL 09 coverboy, and retiree, Brett Favre was vocal on his future and video game honor in an interview with the Associated Press last Friday. The three-time NFL MVP discussed his future off the field along with his legacy and was very candid when the Madden honor was mentioned. "I'm not savvy enough to play this game," Favre said. "Most of the younger generation has no idea [John Madden] coached."

Favre ended the Madden discussion by taking a quick shot at the younger generation of NFL Pros.
"Some of our guys play Madden better than they play on Sundays. And they spend more time talking about playing Madden." Well, based on Green Bay's 2007-2008 playoff record, the team clearly didn't spending time talking about beating the New York Giants. Ba-zing!

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