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Flickr Find: Grand Theft Auto hides Apple and iPhone parody


What do the authors of Grand Theft Auto IV think about Apple users? Tossers. (Warning: definition link NSFW). They've embedded a brilliant Apple parody into one of the Internet cafe computers in the game.

Among other points, they take down Apple (called "Fruit") for being overpriced minimalism. A white shiny unit, superficially similar to the "i" sits next to a near-cinema display and readers are encouraged to "Think Fruit" and live in the Fruit Cocoon.

And if that's not enough, the site advertises a new banana-shaped iFruit phone. Its sales points made me laugh out loud: No buttons, no reception, no storage capacity, all Ego!

Kudos to GTAIV and thanks to Dylan Unutmaz for sending in the links.

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