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iMedia Browser 1.1 is available


Karelia software released iMedia Browser 1.1 earlier this week, and it features some very nice changes.

If you're unfamiliar, iMedia Browser is a stand alone application much like the media browser in Apple's iLife applications. It lets you browse your iPhoto library (photos and videos), iTunes library and web links, all without having to launch those applications. It's very handy and a time saver for anyone who needs to access these files frequently. Plus, it "flips over" like a Dashboard widget, which is fun.

Changes to version 1.1 include

  • The photos browser now includes Adobe Lightroom
  • New Movies thumbnail generation and caching mechanism for improved stability
  • Source lists now indicate that folders can be dragged in to be added
  • Process of checking for updates and reporting problems has been improved
iMedia Browser works with Tiger or Leopard and is free.

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