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N-Space making a ... bag-tossing game for WiiWare?


Considering that the only N-Space-developed game we ever enjoyed was Geist on the GameCube, it's no surprise that we had absolutely no idea they were working on a WiiWare game (but we did know they were working with Wii). Now that we've found out what it is (Target Toss Pro: Bags), we're actually kind of intrigued, albeit because we think we're in some kind of dream right now, waiting for someone to wake us up.

Seriously, you toss bags? Like, that's the game? We're shocked into submission, because we really can't believe that they're making a game where you toss bags. What's in the bags? Smuggled diamonds? Dirt? What's next? A WiiWare hopscotch game? How about Duck Duck Goose? And what's with the name of the game? Is it implying that other Target Toss Pro games are on the horizon? Target Toss Pro: Bottles and Target Toss Pro: Your Wiimote into the TV anyone?

Perhaps we're just too cynical, but with so many great ideas floating around out there, we're just upset when we see someone is developing a game where you toss bags. Because it's more fun in a video game than in real life. And, believe us, we've tossed bags in real life before. It's not that fun, so we imagine a game based on that concept won't be much more fun, either.

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