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Pop to cost from $5 to $8

Candace Savino

When we first heard about Pop (okay, maybe not right at first), we were charmed by its addictive-looking simplicity. That, though, was well before a slew of other games were announced for WiiWare.

That doesn't mean that we've lost interest in the bubble-themed puzzle game, but we'll be a little more picky when it comes to purchasing it. If you're on the same page as us, you might be thinking that the cost of Pop could be its "make it or break it" factor, which is why we don't envy the people in charge of making such decisions.

Nic Watt, creative director of Nnooo, says that it's difficult to determine how much the software will cost because there's no set line for WiiWare games. To be fair to consumers, the company is trying to base their game by Virtual Console standards. According to Watt, the game should be "somewhere between a NES and SNES game in price," which means it will cost from 500 to 800 points (aka, $5 to $8).

What say you, readers? Does that sound about fair?

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