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Universal's Blu-ray audio plans revealed, DTS-HD Master Audio included

Darren Murph

Listen up, audiophiles -- we know you've already pored over Universal's Blu-ray plans, but for those thirsting for more details in the world of audio, you've found your oasis. Sitting down with The Man Room, Universal made clear that its first wave of BD releases on July 22nd (all films from The Mummy franchise) would actually include Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio tracks. Yep, that means you'll be getting more than just a lackadaisical port should you snap these up on Blu-ray. The studio also mentioned that it was looking forward to DTS-HD MA becoming "the Blu-ray standard" at its headquarters, so we're hoping to see (er, hear) a lot more lossless from these guys in the near future.

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