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Where's Verizon's Motorola Q9c? May 15, we hear

Chris Ziegler

Remember that three-pack of phones Verizon promised for April delivery a while back? Two of them have materialized as promised, but the third -- the Motorola Q9c -- is missing in action. The popular rumor seems to be that they've pushed the launch date out just a smidge to May 15, though with the Q9m already in the lineup, we suspect this one won't be causing as much panic than if either the enV(2) or XV6900 had slipped. Or will it?

[Via Everything Q]

Update: We've gotten some documentation suggesting that the Q9c will actually launch in Verizon's B2B, web, and telesales channels on May 9 right alongside the Curve and Glyde, making for a quite a blockbuster day. Availability in stores will apparently depend on how long it takes to deplete Q9m stock.

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