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Wii Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]


Update: Well, this is no fun. It seems that Wi-Fi is down right now. If you want, you can still join us in the chat for some fun conversation (and a game, if the servers get back up). Hopefully that won't take too long.

Update 2: Well, this is lame. The servers are still down and we have no idea how long it will be until they are back online. We would like to thank all the folks that showed up looking to game with us. We'll see you next week, where the servers will be working, hopefully!

Wait, what is this? Why, there's a video in a Game Night post?

Well, after last week's play session, the nameless, faceless robots that run people here at Wii Fanboy whipped up the above video to show some of the shy folks and those who might have had no clue about what Game Night is what they're missing. So go ahead and click play, we'll wait.

Okay, done? Good. Yes, it was kind of long, but we wanted to cram as much game footage in as possible. With Mario Kart Wii having just released this week, you can bet that many will be trying to rock that tonight. So, if you picked it up, join us. If the video tickled your fancy and you want to know more, then hit up this page here.

And, finally, make sure you're back here at 7pm ET tonight. It's then that a link to the Game Night chat will be up and you can get in on the action. Oh, and if you read us through your Wii, no worries: the chat is compatible with the system.

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