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Comcast getting busy in Panama City, FL: 13 HD channels on the way

Darren Murph

After unloaded a nice serving of new HD channels in Jacksonville and along the Treasure Coast (not to mention way down south), we're thrilled to see Comcast showing a little affection for the panhandle. According to a resident who scanned over The News Herald this morning, Panama City, Florida will be getting an impressive 13 new high-def options over the next two months. Although specific go-live dates weren't mentioned, you folks can count on seeing quite the boost in your lineup remarkably soon. Head on past the jump for the full list of newcomers (spoiler: SciFi HD is included!).

New HD channels coming to Panama City, Florida on Comcast:

  • Disney HD
  • History HD
  • Animal Planet HD
  • ABC Family HD
  • CNN HD
  • Discovery HD
  • TLC HD
  • AMC HD
  • Science HD
  • Food HD
  • USA HD
  • SciFi HD

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