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Comcast infrastructure upgrades to over double HD offerings in Longmont, CO

Darren Murph

It's tough for Longmont citizens. Sitting just north of Denver and just south of Loveland -- both of which boast upgraded cable systems from Comcast that deliver 29 HD channels -- Longmont's system has yet to be brought up to speed. As it stands, the carrier can only pipe through 14 high-def options, but between now and October, it's dishing out $6 million in upgrades in order to bring Longmont's lineup up to speed. Reportedly, the city will have access to the same number (29, for now) of HD channels as Denver / Loveland, and according to Comcast's northern Colorado general manager, Mike Trueblood, the company "expects to offer more before the end of the year." Now, the wait begins.

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