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PSP voted most wanted system for remakes

Majed Athab

Japanese website Dengeki Online polled its readers on the games they most wanted to be remade. The actual list of titles is not what concerns us, however. What tickles our interest is that the readers were also polled on what system they most wanted these remakes to appear on. Triumphantly, the PSP was the favorite.

This information, while not a really tangible representation of Japanese gaming habits, does paint a rather interesting and perplexing landscape of how things are over there. The PSP is selling hotly, and people are craving for the remakes. There's no doubt PSPs are flying off the shelves due to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, but is this tie-in with remakes also moving units? Some of the big PSP games are remakes; take Final Fantasy Tactics for example. Perhaps remakes are expected to show up on the system since it's so synonymous with them, or maybe we're just hearing a cry for more games after Monster Hunter's fun expires.

Whatever the reason, hopefully this rekindled interest in the PSP will re-energize developers to make more games (remakes and new IP) for the platform. We seriously need them!

[Via Kotaku]

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