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Q1 2008 plasma shipments up 56% from a year ago

Darren Murph

It's no surprise to see that the LCD sector is doing quite well; plasmas, on the other hand, have certainly been on the downward trend. According to new data from Displaybank, shipments of PDP modules managed to slide 15-percent during Q1 2008 compared to the always high Q4 of last year (you know, those holidays tend to do that), but the intriguing stat is the year-over-year: it's up 56-percent. For what it's worth, pricing for plasma panels is on the skids as well, and while the 40-inch segment accounted for just over half of all shipments, the 50-inchers claimed another 25-percent. In case you haven't noticed, quite a bit of shaking up has gone on in the plasma industry here recently, and while LG Electronics took back over the lead in Q1, anything is fair game from here on out.

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