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Walmart pushing Wii Fit pre-order for Mother's Day


Wal-Mart is saying straight-up that mom could stand to lose a few pounds. Reuters reports that the mega-retailer's online division is pushing pre-orders of Wii Fit as a Mother's Day gift. Wii Fit doesn't release until May 19 in North America, but those who order the pressure-sensitive sweat-board before Mother's Day (May 11) will receive a $10 online gift card to use at in the future.

Kelly Thompson,'s chief merchant, says the initial sales have been "extremely strong." Due to the fact that the system doesn't come out until a week after the holiday, Thompson recommends giving the $10 online gift card as a present. That's a great idea! We can see it now: "Hey mom, the passive-aggressive gift telling you that you're a fatty mcfat doesn't come for another week. Oh, in the meantime, here's a $10 gift card to" Somehow a nice brunch and flowers sounds like a better option.

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