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New images of Lord of the Rings' Forochel, Age of Conan

Michael Zenke

It's been a big week in massively multiplayer games, and to keep things interesting we have a few brand new screenshots of two of the biggest games on the market. The folks at Turbine sent over a fresh batch of Lord of the Rings Online images, further showing off the fantastic new Forochel area that was added in Book 13. Check out the gallery below to see ice skaters, more Mammoths, and a bigger image of that fantastic clan halls shown above.

Then head down to our Age of Conan gallery, and take a look at two of our new and exclusive screenshots sent over by Funcom. They highlight the game's fantastic architecture, and the sense of place that the designers have evoked in the world. Creepy crypts and aging ruins are the norm in Hyborea, and our screenshot gallery will take you everywhere in between. For details looks at the two new shots, click on down below the cut.

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