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Activision, 7-Eleven to promote Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, quench thirst

Jason Dobson

While Activision's upcoming Aerosmith-centric flavor of Guitar Hero may still have some of us sitting on the fence, a new partnership between the publisher and 7-Eleven ensures that we can at least enjoy and icy cold Slurpee while considering rocking out to the "bad boys of Boston." Activision and the convenience store chain, along with Coca-Cola and Microsoft have teamed to promote Guitar Hero: Aerosmith by offering 22-ounce Slurpee cups branded in the series' artwork, though bizarrely the above art is not of the upcoming version at all.

Each the cups will include codes on the underside to enter an online contest to win the game, an Xbox 360, or Microsoft Points. According to an official announcement of the promotion, the parties plan on giving away 744 copies of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and 711,000 Microsoft Points throughout the month of May. In addition, 10 Slurpee drinkers will walk away with a shiny new console and a copy of the game, leaving us pondering the only other question worth asking: Wild Cherry or Classic Cola?

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