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Dynaudio Excite speakers designed to work in everyday setups

Steven Kim

Ever wonder why super high-end speakers are shown off paired with hernia-inducing amplifiers rather than receivers that most folks have? Sure, target demographic bankrolls and egos are two reasons; but also, many of those high-end speakers sound their best when fed lots of power. Dynaudio's new Excite lineup is designed to sound great when backed by real world receivers. There are five models available, all sharing the same soft dome tweeter: the X36 and X32 ($3,600 and $2,800 per pair, respectively) are floor standers; smaller rooms can use the X16 or X12 ($1,600 / $1,200 per pair) bookshelf models, and the X22 ($850) is for center channel duty. If you're looking to upgrade your speakers without buying into a whole lifestyle, hunt down a dealer. In our experience, Dynaudio makes some great speakers -- definitely from the "neutral" camp, and often likened to a less-forward B&W.

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