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PS3 Poll Police: Did you succumb to Rockstar's GTA IV "fix"?

Nick Doerr

It's sort of sickening on the Poll Police's side of things -- we dig and dig through muck all day to uncover bits of news for your consumption. What makes this sickening is the recent trend for our fields o' news farming to get inundated with threads about people's problems with Grand Theft Auto IV. We don't mean problems in the game, beating a mission, or the like ... we mean the frequent freezing issues, console destruction tales, or horribly unstable online component. We know Rockstar has admitted to a few of these problems and issued their own hackneyed fix. We want to know if any of you actually did this just to play the game. We're not judging you. We're just curious.
Did you try the 12-step fix for GTA IV?
I did and it worked.
I did, but it failed and I am angry.
No way. Patch or get out.
Nope, don't own the game. free polls
A patch would be nice, but instead, we get to delete pretty much everything on our PS3 to make the game work? Sounds pretty pathetic to us, but hey, ostensible perfection demands sacrifice, right? Don't get us started. Last week's poll is after the jump, so check out those results while we have your attention!

Okay, we get the point. Not all of you are playing Metal Gear Online. It is a beta, after all. Still, it's interesting to see that across the board of people who are playing, it's almost a toss-up on levels of enjoyment. Some expected a fast-paced shooter, others expected gold coins to eject from their PS3's, while still others decided to actually hide in a box or barrel in real life to simulate stealth-action. Whatever the case, we're sure Metal Gear is better suited for the single-player experience thanks in part to its fantastic narrative, but this beta holds its own for more tactical online gaming. Thanks for voting!

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