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Ten best technology-infused hotels in Chicago get listed

Darren Murph

Considering the absolute mess that O'Hare International is, we'd wager that you'll end up there a time or two on business or pleasure ventures. If so, chances are you'll be anxious to tune into a bit of HDTV after a long day in the Windy City. The Chicago Tribune has taken the liberty of breaking down the top ten best tech hotels Chi-town has to offer, and unsurprisingly, Hyatt properties -- you know, those with the Plug Panel -- were ranked quite highly. Additionally, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago is currently undergoing a pricey technology renovation that will be completed in 2009, and while it's not mentioned (could have something to do with all those construction workers still in the bathrooms), we'd imagine the Chicagoland aloft will hit the list next July.

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