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Next Prince of Persia will 'never' be ported to Wii

Justin McElroy

In much the same way that one might admire the Lillberg sofa-bed in an IKEA before throwing a mid-riot brick through the window, Ubisoft says it was impressed with the Wii's capabilities while bringing Prince of Persia: Rival Swords (by its own admission a "quick and dirty port") to the console. Nintendic reports that the company told Edge magazine that it would like to return the Persian prince to Nintendo's box, only (and presumably) it would put some actual effort into it this time.

Ubisoft is also emphatic that this game, if ever given the green light, wouldn't be a port of the recently announced next-gen entry. In fact, it said, that will "never happen." So ... can we put that down for a "maybe?"

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