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THQ's Nickelodeon games surpass $1 billion in sales


Hell, we imagine, might be a place where you're forced to plug The Naked Brothers Band art assets into the Random Kids Game Generator® year after year in the labyrinthine basement of some corporate complex, right until the bros age into drug-riddled obscurity and it's onto the next new thing to become a licensed game. The real burn comes after you learn that your pitiful existence is paying for the expensive habits of the suits, some 50 floors above you where fabled glass walls look out onto majestic horizons. Hell, it would seem, is THQ Inc.

The publisher responsible for all that is Nickelodeon in the industry has confirmed that success makes for a better headline than hard-earned respect. THQ's long-term licensing agreement with Nickelodeon has paid off -- to the tune of $1 billion and growing! With no shortage of kids who eat, sleep, and pray for Nickelodeon, THQ has sold more than 50 million games of this stuff. And there's no end in sight.

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