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Boston's Apple Store to open May 16


We've been following the story of Boston's upcoming Apple Store for a long time, and now it's scheduled to open on Friday, May 16th at 6:00 PM. Yes, I'll be there. Say "Hi."

When complete, it will be the ninth store in Massachusetts and certainly the largest ... or will it?

According to Gizmodo, the Boylston St. store will be the largest of all Apple retail stores. Citing "a store employee," Giz reports that an average 1,500-2000 customers/hour will visit the store.

Not so fast, Giz! Our friend Gary at ifoAppleStore shared this tidbit of information with us:

"...the [Boylston Street] lot is only 6,384 square-feet, so the store would have to be at least five stories to be larger than Regent Street (London), at 28,000 s.f."

At four stories high, it cannot be declared the biggest. Sorry, Boston. What we can say is that it opens soon and it's very, very big.

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