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Brawl Stage of the Week: It's Tetris time

Candace Savino

Last week we mentioned that we wanted to feature a DS-related stage. Reader Chris stepped up and sent us two Tetris levels, one of which we chose to feature.

Called "Sziltoj 2," this stage is meant to represent "a Tetris game in progress," according to Chris. Considering the limited amount of tools that you're given in the stage builder, we think he pulled this off pretty well. Come check out how after the break!

Sziltoj 2 by Chris L.

As you can see from the picture above, the Tetris blocks were made with different colored stage pieces so that each familiar shape stands out. All the blocks from the classic title are accounted for at the bottom, aside from the coveted long bar.

Chris added the long block up top, though (depicted in our gallery), which was built by falling boxes to represent Tetris in motion. Evoking the essence of the bar slowly dropping downward by using falling pieces is a simple, but clever idea.

Since Sakurai didn't give us an official stage themed with one of our favorite puzzle games, we have no qualms about brawling on this one.


1. Download the file
2. Save it to an SD card in the following location:
  • US versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBE\st\st_080419_1807.bin
  • Japanese versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBJ\st\st_080419_1807.bin
3. Put the SD card with the file on it in your Wii and start up Brawl
4. During the stage selection, click "Melee Stages" in the bottom-right corner
5. Then click "Custom Stages" in the bottom-right corner and choose the custom stage you want to play on (this particular stage is called "Sziltoj 2.")

Still don't get it? Not sure how to send in your own creation? Other questions on the stage feature? Just email

We'd very much like to see some of your contributions and suggestions, so send them in to From the hard, to the ridiculous, to the incredibly awesome, to the even more ridiculous, make sure to show us your favorites (and your own creations)!

You've just read our Stage of the Week feature, in which we showcase some of our favorite reader-submitted Smash Bros. Brawl stages. If you're interested in seeing the previous Stage of the Week, just click here!

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