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Danger CEO talks up new Sidekick model

Chris Ziegler

If anyone should be carrying Danger's latest Hiptop in their pocket, it's probably the company's CEO -- and sure enough, head honcho Hank Nothhaft disclosed that he was indeed rocking an unreleased model during a recent interview with Financial Times. Details were slim for the picking, but he said the phone -- which we can only assume to be the Gekko -- is "thinner and less wide but has a bigger keyboard." A paradox? Seemingly, so we can only assume that the area dedicated to navigation buttons on the left and right of the phone has been slimmed down to accommodate the bulkier QWERTY. Nothhaft also mentions that he considers Tessera Technologies a "company to watch," so if we had to wager a guess, we'd say that the firm's unique camera lenses might just be finding their way into a Hiptop near you.

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