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Exclusive Vanguard Game Update 5 mounts video


SOE's Vanguard: Saga of Heroes keeps marching forward with its upcoming Game Update 5. GU5 features a bevy of new features, including new "anti-hitching" code which will cut down on the number of times the game needs to read from disk, smoothing out the gameplay substantially. Not content with just boosting performance, the developers decided to go whole hog (and turtle, and spider, and beetle, and wolf) and introduce new racial mounts for every race in the game.

Click on through to see the mounts Vanguard has in store for their dedicated players! Then, stop by later for a look at the new, improved spell graphics coming in GU5, and an exclusive interview with esteemed Vanguard game designer Lenny "Tiraslee" Gullo.

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Vanguard GU5 racial mounts

There's something about leaning back and letting the monstrous ant do all the work that is strangely satisfying, albeit a little creepy. Expect to see the woods, fields and mountains of Telon crawling with people perched atop their barely-controlled, hideous mounts as soon as GU5 goes live. It's the dev's feeling that just by adventuring from level 10 to 30 under the banner of your home city will gather you enough faction to be rewarded with your beast of choice when you get to the level to use it. And if you've been driving your monster for twenty levels and it's long lost that "new bug" smell, well, you can trade up to an even better one at level 50.

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