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Exodus gets US-first M'uru kill

Eliah Hecht

Hot on the heels of SK-Gaming's world-first kill of M'uru, the penultimate Sunwell Plateau boss, the US guild Exodus has scored a place in the hall of records by being the first in the region to kick his Naaru butt, early this morning. Exodus live on Kel'thuzad, Horde-side, and apparently just got sponsored a few days ago, which endowed them with a brand-new website and plenty of bandwidth just in time.

If you want to see one of their players' personal thoughts on the fight, you can check it out on their forum (NSFW language). Apparently it was a nine-hour attempt (!), and they used six healers, four tanks, and 15 DPS, in case you were wondering. Edit: looks like that entire thread was a parody of a Nihilum thread about their Eredar Twins kill. I shouldn't post before I've had my coffee. One of the items that dropped for them was something we figured M'uru had, and is in my gallery from yesterday (Sin'dorei Band of Dominance), but the rest of them were not on that list: Harness of Carnal Instinct, Garments of Serene Shores, and Robes of Faltered Light. Congrats to Exodus!

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