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iPhone is most popular camera phone on Flickr


I'm often impressed by the photos I get out of my little iPhone. It's not a pro-level DSLR for sure, but for quick, off-the-cuff snapshots, it does a very good job.

I'm not alone in my belief. Computerworld's analysis of current Flickr Data shows that the iPhone is their most popular camera phone. Part of that is the novelty of the iPhone, undoubtedly. Owners continue to relish any excuse to whip them out.

The other is ease of posting a photo to Flickr. Once you've added your special Flickr email address to your contact list, sharing a photo is a snap. Tap it once, tap "Email photo," enter the first few letters of your Flickr email address and hit Send. Done.

While we're on the subject, I'll offer my tip for taking decent iPhone photos. Unlike nearly every other camera ever made, the iPhone exposes an image when the "shutter button" is released, not depressed. With that in mind, here's the three step process I follow

  1. Press and hold the "shutter button"
  2. Compose the shot
  3. Release
The tendency is to compose the shot and then tap the button, often resulting in blur. Try this method and watch the results.

[Via Ars Technica]

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