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Nintendo sponsors UK Gladiators


To tell you the truth, we never knew you folks in the UK got your own version of American Gladiators. Growing up, we would catch the show after our usual dose of Saturday morning entertainment, as the sugar would take effect from all of the Lucky Charms we had while catching our toons, fueling our thirst to see folks get knocked into the water during Joust or tossed down several flights on the gigantic pyramid. Oh, to be young again.

But, hey, with the show's revival here in the States, it kind of feels like that again, if only a little. And now, with some thanks to Nintendo, our friends across the pond can partake in bulky men and woman tossing around scrawny participants, too! Nintendo has shelled out £1m to make sure you can get your Gladiator fix, ensuring that those of you watching in the UK won't get the annoying ads that we do in between the carnage. Instead, you'll see ads for Wii and other Nintendo-related goodies. Better, no?

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