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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best 60-inch (or more) 1080p monitor?

Darren Murph

We're really digging this week's Ask Engadget HD question, as it travels off the beaten path in search of something that would certainly thrill all of us: a gigantic 1080p monitor to complement a decked-out sound system. According to James:

"I'm quite satisfied with my audio system, and my current setup enables me to run my other components -- set-top-boxes, consoles, etc. -- through other receivers and switches. My goal is to replace my 61-inch DLP with a new plasma or LCD of similar size, though I don't need a set with integrated speakers / tuners, a slew of ports and a built-in microwave [Okay, we added that last bit. -Ed.]. I'm really looking for a 60-inch (or slightly larger) 1080p monitor, or as close as I can get. Is what I need currently made? Should I wait for LCDs to get larger and possibly risk plasma losing the battle? Help!"

So there you have it, folks. We need an expansive (albeit thin) 1080p HDTV without all those bells and whistles that customers typically want if they have no intentions of picking up a receiver and / or sound system. And... go.

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