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CoX Podcast with Joe Morrissey, aka Hero 1

Adrian Bott

The flood of new information coming out of NCSoft NorCal continues unabated. Fresh from sharing his Developer Diary with us, lead City of Heroes writer Joe Morrissey (no relation to the lugubrious singer, before you ask) has joined Chooch and Viv for a long in-depth interview. Notably, Joe takes time to answer many of the questions the players have asked on the forums.

Despite being relatively new to the CoX staff, Joe has made his mark with some superb new story content, including the hot new arcs and Task Force in Issue 12: Midnight Hour, currently in Open Beta. In the interview, he talks about how he landed the job in the first place, the challenge of joining a cut-down team where everyone was working at full tilt, his own hopes for future content and what we can expect from the coming issues.

Joe also reveals how he came to choose Hero 1, a character from the CoX universe who is so British he sports the Union Jack on both his cape and his helmet, as his signature character.

Listen in here at the CoH Podcast webpage.

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