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Cure exotic animals on the Wii

Candace Savino

If you thought that Trauma Center's return to the DS would mean the end of medical games on the Wii, you were wrong.

Zoo Hospital
isn't just about normal doctoring, though -- as you can probably figure out from the game's title, you'll be a veterinarian (or, straight out of vet school, at least) that works on curing exotic animals from sicknesses.

Surgeries won't be the only tasks you'll be performing in Zoo Hospital. You'll also do X-Ray and dentistry related tasks to soothe the forty-eight ailing animals. But even if you find the premise interesting, you might not want to get your hopes too high, as the DS version off the game (also developed by Torus) was apparently not that good.

Zoo Hospital is planned to launch in European and PAL territories during Q4, 2008.


[Via press release]

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