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EA-Land to refund in-game ATM transactions


Despite what the bitter naysayers have been claiming about the addition of ATMs to EA-Land just before its complete closure, it appears that Electronic Arts won't be claiming all those last-minute Simoleons after all. In a recent announcement, EA-Land Community Manager Parizad Parav has said that every transaction completed through an in-game ATM will be completely refunded by the company. Remember that these transactions were the conversion from real dollars to virtual.

It's nice to see a big company doing right by its former constituents, when they have no real obligation to do so. Of course, it's no skin off of EA's nose either, as their pockets are plenty deep enough to cover this amount. Still, it's a sad affair all around -- at least this will be one less point of angst among the formerly faithful.

[Thanks, Sean!]

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