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Iomega kicks out eGo Camo Drive: completely invisible to animals, data thieves

Darren Murph

Not sure if we missed the memo, but apparently May 7th is the unofficial day of camouflaged technology. Shortly after Mobiado revealed a rugged Camo handset for the well-to-do hunters of the world, along comes Iomega with a jungle-ready portable HDD. The $149.95 eGo Camo Drive is entirely USB powered and packs a respectable 250GB of internal storage space, a black Iomega Power Grip band, a woodland camouflage pattern and DropGuard technology to prevent disastrous consequences should you drop your drive from less than 60 inches. We always knew those gamesmen never sat in a tree stand all day without a little entertainment to keep 'em sane.

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