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LogicielMac Update keeps your applications current

Robert Palmer

Software Update is pretty awesome for Apple software, but have you ever wanted that functionality for the rest of your apps? 19-year-old developer Louka Desroziers created a nifty little menubar app called LogicielMac Update that checks for updates to the applications installed on your machine. There are options to automatically download the updates and install them. You can also create an ignored list of apps that you don't want to update.

The app gets most of its information from LogicielMac (logiciel meaning "software," and Mac meaning "best platform ever"), a Francophonic site similar to VersionTracker and MacUpdate. But fear not, English speakers, as LogicielMac Update is localized for English. (Update: Reader Mark noticed that his copy of Firefox was updated with a French-localized version ... so take note, Anglophones! Thanks, Mark!)

The only improvement I could see is showing the difference between free updates and upgrades (that you must pay for in order to get). I always hate it when I download an upgrade without thinking, wiping out my perfectly good old copy that I paid for.

LogicielMac Update is donationware, so show Louka some love if you like what he's made. The download is 1.2MB, and Leopard is recommended. If you've felt unsatisfied by other update managers, check it out.

Thanks, Michael G!

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