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GTA IV snatches $500 million in first week


At last! The miserable, sleepless nights we've had to endure since Grand Theft Auto IV's launch will come to an end, with the New York Times thoughtfully informing us just how much money a gigantic corporation has earned from the release of one of the year's most anticipated games. That would be 500 million dollars in the first week, just so you know.

Other statistics expected to escape from Take-Two's maw later today (Update: The figures have now been officially announced by Take-Two) point to the open-ended carjack caper having sold 6 million copies so far -- 3.6 million on the first day. Though Rockstar's smash success comes as little surprise and exceeds expectations, it'll be more interesting to see how it affects EA's ongoing hostile takeover attempt. Will the deal be sweetened?

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