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Announcing Joystiq's newest sibling: Big Download (beta!)

Barb Dybwad

We have some special Big News to deliver to you dear, MMO-besotten readers: Massively has a brand new sibling to group with and we'll be playing with our new PC gaming-focused sister site, Big Download, quite a bit. In partnership with our good friends at GameDaily, we're taking the wraps off the beta version of a full-fledged, fast and free PC downloads engine married to a news and features blog powered by Joystiq -- chock full of all the Special Goodness TM our writers bring to you daily, including a number of names from the Massively roster you'll recognize.

At Big Download you'll get all the news and views fit to print about PC gaming, a file tracking system that remembers your favorite titles, and no waiting, no fees access to demos, patches, mods, trailers and more. We're inviting you to come on in, make yourself at home and start poking everything with sticks. Like any modern web product we're launching in beta version -- there may be kinks and rough edges to be worked out, so bear with us, mind the dust and be sure to send us any feedback you have so we can make all the final fixes. Unlike certain products that stay in beta forever we hope to remove the beta tag with all due swiftness and come out with guns blazing. Big guns.

We hope to see you at Big Download, where all the news is big and all the downloads are above average!

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